Merry Christmas!

God is with us! 

That’s the most important message of Christmas Day for my own walk with God. You can interpret it how you will, and perhaps, the notion isn’t good news for you. But for me it’s good news. It’s nothing less than the Love of God come incarnate in a messy imperfect situation. It’s God come to the lowest, the downtrodden. Then assembling a motley crew to celebrate. 

We celebrated Christmas by grabbing all of our family together, and we’re not quite as motley as the shepherds and wise men. But we had a great meal mostly guided by tradition, but the turkey will get reincarnated as enchiladas or tacos over the next couple of days. Maybe with a hint of green chili – marrying into a NM family was a stroke of brilliant luck. 

But it wasn’t a perfect day, Jane woke up at 3:30 am with a fever, and we spent the next couple of hours working to help her get back to sleep. Then we managed another hour of sleep before getting up for the day. When I say we, I mean I, Courtney was frozen in an uncomfortable position trying to keep from waking Jane. But we had a little fun even in this situation – we watched White Christmas

The Santa gifts were pretty exciting for Jane. We still haven’t decided whether or not we will be using Santa, and maybe at some point I’ll write up a pro/con post to go through the thought processes with Courtney. For now, Santa brought Jane an Ikea tent and tunnel and baby bed along with a baby doll. She’s so overwhelmed with all the toys that she doesn’t know what to play with, and she doesn’t really feel 100%. But she’s having fun!

There’s nothing like sitting in a little tent not meant for adults with my little girl counting piggies. The day isn’t perfect, I could really use a nap and some alone time, but how could I sit there in the red and gold striped tent and not feel or understand that the love of God surrounds us beyond the way our minds can imagine perfect. 

Maybe that’s why a baby born in a stable with some crazy shepherds and some long travelled wise acres could take on the name Emmanuel and declare that God is with us. I think I’ll slip on my new fedora, my doctor who shirt, and go play some more with my family. 


About Sean Smith

Husband, Father, Pastor, Swimmer, Writer, Reader, and attempted Adventurer!
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