Bed Wars – a follow up

The overwhelming support from yesterday’s post went to Courtney. With only two people who I (Sean) disagree with on principle. This isn’t surprising, the pregnant belly persuades me. We actually have no real conflict. I have no problem limiting myself to a very small portion of the bed. 

Courtney dug ups some great pictures of how some women sleep during pregnancy. Sleeping during pregnancy can be extremely difficult for any number of reasons. Inside Courtney, our second child loves to dance when it’s bed time, and even when still, the baby is sitting on her bladder. 

Some women have trouble with dreams that come from a combination of the physiological and emotional stress of pregnancy. This disrupts the normal sleep pattern where we go through REM sleep (dream time) to deep sleep (dreamless sleep) and back through REM sleep to being awake. Any thing that brings us back up through REM brings us back to the dreams. This happens even if we don’t actually go all the way to waking. 

Some one slam two gigantic pillows on either side of them until even a king sized bed wouldn’t be enough! This pretty much kicks any husbands out to the couch. 

If this wasn’t enough, during different phases of the pregnancy some women get super cold and need ten million blankets. At other points, they get overheated and want to put the air conditioner on during January and sleep under a sheet. That’s if, and I emphasize “if”, the one sheet isn’t too much.

Did I mention that the cold-hot cycle can happen in one day?

All of this adds up to a fundamental point. Women get to experience the wonder of a new person being knit together inside their own bodies, and for that, they get the bed. As much as they want or as little. So, I will agree with all those who sided with Courtney and appreciatively take up the slice of the bed she lovingly grants me! 


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