Beet and Carrot Juice for a Week

I can’t say I feel much different, but I haven’t gotten sick this week. Which is a plus. After six months of getting sick pretty much every week and especially every time I started swimming. This is good news.

It still tastes like dirt, and it still looks like something that you really really wouldn’t want to eat. However, it is refreshing.

One of the reasons that I am trying this wonderful concoction is to improve recovery rate after exercise. Last year I noticed that a bowl of fruit helped me recover better than any other form of diet or rest. This struck me as odd, at the time, I only had an hour and a half between major workouts.

But the more I’ve studied nutrition the less odd it’s seemed. The nutrients in fresh fruit definitely help in recovery. So, perhaps it’s not too odd to expect that some juiced beets would offer a little better recovery nutrition than a protein bar. Despite a lack of sleep and a very busy week, I managed to make all my early morning practices for the first time in months, and my legs haven’t been quite a sore from running despite a really hard run on Tuesday carrying my daughter with me for three miles. I had only planned going two.

So for now, I’ll keep going, and I’ll keep working to fine tune my diet adding in nutrients where I can and drinking beet juice.


About Sean Smith

Husband, Father, Pastor, Swimmer, Writer, Reader, and attempted Adventurer!
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