Jogging? Does it exist?

I vehemently deny the existence of jogging unless you find it psychologically less taxing to say “I’m going jogging” instead of “I’m going running”. If it gets you out the door, keep it.

But when you come back from that “jog” realize the truth: There is no jogging. You just ran! Pat yourself on the back and feel good. It may be slow, it may feel bouncy, but it’s just running. Near as I can tell there’s no reason to think of joggings as anything other than running.

Of course, Christopher McDougal said something along these lines in “Born to Run”, and added the part about shoe companies using jogging to promote shoes (something they apparently have to do). So, now we are saddled with an unnecessary word that implies that there is a qualitative difference between running slowly and running quickly.

I say it’s all good.

Because truthfully, there’s running and there’s walking. Both are good for you. There are olympic competitions in both. Olympic race walking is incredible to watch, it’s like they have rubber legs! I’ve tried it, and I have utmost confidence that I would be disqualified on technique alone.

You can either run or walk. A combination of both isn’t disallowed, but I don’t think jogging really exists. At most it just means running with bad technique. So, go out and have a run and feel good that you ran, don’t worry about the speed unless you want to or the distance, just have fun!



About Sean Smith

Husband, Father, Pastor, Swimmer, Writer, Reader, and attempted Adventurer!
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