Frustrations at a Mexican Food Place

Guacamole and pico… That’s it. That’s all there was that could be had vegan style.

Ok, I’m not going to lie – I love Mexican Food. Especially, the Tex-mex variety. Amarillo should be famous in my opinion for all the fantastic options of mexican food available. Anything from Ruby Tequilla’s, “We Make Everything Here” to Abuelos, “Sure we’re a chain, but we’re a chain because we’re awesome” stands up along side the little hole in the wall joints and fast food mexican cuisine. Sharky’s may not be as wide spread, but they are certainly as good as Freebyrd’s or Chipotle if you need a burrito. At Oscar’s you can grab a chili relleno burrito for $3 or so, and at Taco Villa you have food that makes taco bell and taco cabana quake in their boots.

Fresh tortillas all over town. Even the grocery store makes their own.

But there is nothing for the Vegan.

I get it. Cheese and meat make dishes walk out the door. Chicken broth improves the taste of rice and beans sure. But really? Not one thing for the person who wants to eschew animal products? Even only temporarily? It’s not like you could make your chips with coconut or peanut oil or canola oil or your delicious tortillas.

I don’t feel like I’ve missed out on anything being vegan for lent, but I think Courtney has. We haven’t been to Fazoli’s or our favorite Mexican food places or had pizza for over 40 days now. Ok, 575 Pizzeria puts together a pretty good vegan pizza although it needed more sauce – so, we’ve had pizza. But I’ve been thinking about staying vegan for a little longer, and I would really like to take her out to eat somewhere other than thai.

So far my attempts to convert here have failed. Maybe I’ll just have to become a better cook.


About Sean Smith

Husband, Father, Pastor, Swimmer, Writer, Reader, and attempted Adventurer!
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