Vegan Amarillo: An Eating Guide

The good, the bad, and the ugly: where in the world do you find food without animal products 45 miles from the largest feed lot operation in the world?

When going Vegan, one of the most difficult things I found was knowing where to go and where I could not go to eat. It’s horrifically embarrassing to have to find out on site if the restaurant you are going to has vegan options. It’s a little more embarrassing when you end up grumpy from hungry. A fresh supply of nuts in the office helps but is no substitute for lunch.

Amarillo is not a Vegan unfriendly city despite it’s location, however there are a few things you will have to avoid. Those will be listed below.

My Vegan Picks! So, here is a list of places that do have food worth going to that is Vegan:

United Market Street – Mostly, they have hummus, several bean salads, a corn and tomato salad, and tabouli. If you don’t like the options, there’s the grocery store and you can grab a few items. I got a couple of nice avocados for lunch one time.

Yellow City Street Food – These guys actually have vegan on the menu. The menu changes so look for tofu tacos and ask for vegan prep.

801 Cafe – Vegan Chili here is pretty good, although I really never acquired a taste for the imitation meats or cheeses. Their chips and salsa is also vegan (not a common feature in town).

Panhandlers – This little cafe in the bottom of the Amarillo National Bank building has a pretty excellent little salad bar with enough options to keep the vegan entertained. If you’re nice, you may be able to order some of the vegan dishes their incredible chef can prepare.

Thai Food – This is the only general option I’ll open up for you. Almost every restaurant I went to in town or in Canyon would make dishes to order. Thai food has several non-vegan items included in most dishes: oyster sauce, fish sauce, and egg – ask for with out. I didn’t find much difference in taste, and I’m still ordering vegan from the Thai places I like. Personal favorite: Thai Arawan. They actually have several vegan and vegetarian items on the menu (the only place outside of 801 and Yellow City to do so in town that I found).
Taco Bell – Taco Bell can make your burritos to order, all you have to do is make up a burrito, quesadilla, nacho, or anything else with no meat and cheese. Everything other than the meat and cheese and eggs are made vegan friendly, and on top of that the cinnamon twirls are also vegan by a fluke of luck. This was the last discovery in surfing the net, I only found out about this the day before easter.

Unsubstantiated Several restaurants were unsubstantiated in my quest. Jason’s Deli and Bagel Brothers. Indian Oven is a good buffet but I am unsure as to some of their prep and which dishes have cheese or yogurt in them. With some research into indian food, there might be something vegans can eat here.

Word of Warning: Mexican food places and Sharky’s Burritos are not vegan friendly. I say this with heavy heart, but both make tortillas with lard and cook all their rice, potatoes, and beans with chicken broth. Not even the salsa is always meat free. Some is made with bacon grease. I don’t even think they would qualify as vegetarian friendly unless you are pretty easy going. These both came as a shock to me, I hope it’s not as hard on you. There may have been weeping and gnashing of teeth because it is so easy to make Mexican food in vegan friendly ways.

I do hope to put this up on Urban Spoon.


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