Toddlers: Food and Attitude

What if what toddlers ate and how they slept affected their attitude?

Any serious inquiry begins with a decent question. I think this is a good one. Jane had fun most of the day, but when she only had sugar for lunch and for a birthday party. The result? Pure crankiness…

So, it left me wondering, what if the quality of food really effects the attitude of all of us, the smaller the more susceptible.

One part of the Daniel plan was dealing with nutrition, and the nutritionist stated quite clearly that the food we eat contains information for our bodies. It’s a nice metaphor, but I’m not sure it’s an accurate assessment. Food contains the nutrients we need to be balanced mentally and physically.

We need that physical balance to stay focussed, to work hard, to be satisfied, and to creatively participate in life abundantly.

For Jane, I think the best solution is to work on giving her a variety of foods and try to avoid another sugar overload and napless day.


About Sean Smith

Husband, Father, Pastor, Swimmer, Writer, Reader, and attempted Adventurer!
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