Running with Wifey



My lovely wife joined me for a run this morning. After running across the dam and back, we ended up here at the Georgetown Overlook. The run wasn’t fantastic, both of us were a little tired and couldn’t hold pace well, but we had fun especially with the company.

Courtney used to tell me that she would never run. However, a few months ago a friend convinced her to start a couch to 5 k program, and she’s kept it up. Recently, she’s even been willing to run with me for a change, and I truly enjoy it. We stick to a comfortable pace and just talk to one another while running. It’s relaxing to just be with her, even when pushing a stroller down the street.

But there’s something extra to running when you are outside your normal neighbor hood. In a neighbor hood we find ourselves running loops and heading home, but out here, we can pick a spot far in the distance and run then walk and run on the way back. This morning we ended up at the Overlook stretching and waiting for a friend who had gone off hiking in another direction.

All along the trail we saw flowers: indian paint brushes, blooming yuccas and cacti, and every other Texas wildflower except blue bonnets who have already retired for the year. We had dramatic views of the water in Georgetown lake and truly enjoyed ourselves on the hills.


Ways to Make Runs More Fun:

1. Find a Destination – A destination at the right distance makes you feel accomplished. It’s even better when you know the area and have a feeling for how far a drive it really is. Today, we ran to Cedar Breaks park from the Overlook around 2.4 miles and back. Having that destination helped us to push a little harder and work a little more than we would.

2. Conversation Pace – When building up distance, stay at a conversation pace and go with someone you like talking to. I’ve only ever run a half marathon, but I would think this would work building up for anything. After you’ve made the distance you want to go and want to start getting faster, then consider using conversation pace for warm up and cool down and working harder in between.

3. Buddy System – Ok so technically number 2 requires number 3 to an extent, but it’s worth noting that friends really help keep you going when you are running.

4. Enjoy the Trip – Whether your run 26.2 miles or 10 feet and however much you walk enjoy the trip, stop and look at the flowers.

I love running with Courtney. I like spending the time with her doing something we enjoy, and I love getting to run roads and trails that I grew up hiking and driving. It’s incredible to know that my feet can carry me across distances that I used to think were hard to hike. There’s a freedom to it, and the only thing better is being able to share it with Courtney.


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