Fish Creek Falls


We pulled out our old Nikon Camera for a little hiking trip over to Fish Creek Falls just outside of Steamboat Springs, CO. The water has been great this year and the falls were pounding, the sky was clear with a few fluffy white things, and out we went!

Now, we got a little confused when we did our research about the falls. It looked like it would be a 2.5 mile hike. Courtney dug a little deeper and found out what we now know after being there. You start off a few hundred feet from a great overlook of the falls and a nice pick nick area. Then you can drop down to the more demanding trail before heading immediately over a wonderful bridge and up the side of a mountain.

We got there about 3 hours before nap time, and figured we could get the “2.5 miles” out and back easily. The parking lot is pretty easy to navigate, and there’s a decent map at the trail head. It didn’t really convey what you could do from this trailhead.

To sum it all up:
300 feet, and you have the view of the falls above
2.5 mils up hill you get to see the upper falls
5 miles out is Long Lake

If we had known that going in, we would have packed for lunch and a nap, but we just headed out along the trail to the upper falls as long as we could after playing around the lower falls for too long. So, we didn’t make it. We turned around and headed back. The trail was rocky in parts but all together beautiful and mostly tree covered. The temperature dropped as you got close to the falls. We may head back out along this trail and try to make it to Long Lake for a nice lunch when we get a chance.

It was my first trip with the Osprey Poco Premium, which I want to review. A few more hikes are really required to get a good feel, but it was comfortable and well balanced as I hiked today despite the massive up hill and down hill work. It truly dwarfed the most difficult trails I’ve been on in Palo Duro Canyon.

Looking forward to getting back, and it was a great trip with my family – several other families were out and the overall atmosphere was friendly and convivial. The locals and the tourists alike were friendly and open!



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