Upper Fish Creek Falls


We headed back up Fish Creek Falls. This time we were on a mission, to get to the upper falls and if we had enough time – on to Long Lake.

Pictures were taken at the lower falls a few days back. So, we hiked across the bridge and started the 2.5 mile hike immediately. It’s no easy feet, the trail is 2.5 miles of climbing up hills, and on the way there are aspen groves, a coupe of level patches, spots of forest that look like they were film locations for LOTR, and incredible vistas. At one point we saw snow beneath us back underneath trees on a ridge opposite us.

The hike seems like longer than it was because of the climb, and carrying Jane in the new pack it took just over 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Of course, you pass people coming down the trail looking light hearted and well rested, which is all the more embarrassing as you take breaks and mop the copious sweat out of your eyes. Courtney wore Lucy in her imitation moby wrap, and during the periods we stopped seeing people, we both lamented being so out of shape. This we did despite the fact we were passing a few people that apparently turned back (we didn’t see them again).

But the view from the top and the trip itself was worth every step and every hiatus on the way up.

The Upper Falls appear in the picture at the top of the page, and just above them you get this view of all of Steamboat Springs. The valley just lays out before you in all it’s grandeur.


At the falls there were pleasant sitting areas and good walking areas for Jane, and we pulled up underneath a tree to have a snack of pears and sunflower seeds before heading back down. We spent an hour just putzing around underneath a little tree and letting Jane run around a little. Then we loaded up and headed back down.

The hike back didn’t take long, and going downhill made us suddenly understand why everyone looked so light and happy coming down the trail. It really is so much easier going back down. Even with packs on it was fast going, and we did our best to encourage the people we passed going up. It was a wonderful hike!



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Husband, Father, Pastor, Swimmer, Writer, Reader, and attempted Adventurer!
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