Devotion: Experiencing God


Devotions can go deeper. We sometimes think devotions to be superficial, light hearted in their formational potential.

But what if we stripped away some of the bull and started with something deeper?

A little over a year ago I attended one of the anonymous groups helping people with addiction. The experience was incredibly intense to be surrounded with a group of people who were brutally honest with one another while speaking and were willing to sit in silence as part of their practice.

There devotion was not light hearted and instructional. The only platitudes offered were requests to a higher power, for me to Christ. No one corrected a speaker or attempted to fix their problems. An unspoken realization between all present seem to hold us accountable to the reality and difficulty of the speaker situation. Each person was limited in time to share.

Devotion for them meant probing deeper into themselves to see the faults that hindered their relationship with God and neighbor.

What does deeper devotion mean then?

First and foremost it is acknowledging the presence of God that we are already surrounded by. Second, it is an acknowledgement of God’s knowledge of us. Every hair on our head, every thought too, is known – brutal honesty at it’s most brutal. We cannot lie, we cannot hide. Devotion at it’s hight confesses sin and encounters God.


About Sean Smith

Husband, Father, Pastor, Swimmer, Writer, Reader, and attempted Adventurer!
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