New Open Water Spot: Lake Meredith


My friend the TI coach finally got me out to swim at the Stilling Basin of Lake Meredith.

It’s a beautiful spot and a picturesque drive. So far I’ve swum at Tanglewood lake, and that’s been about it. It’s a lot closer than Meredith, about 20-30 minutes vs a 1 hour+ to the stilling basin, and the basin is understandably smaller. This is still worth the drive if you’re from Amarillo or even a bit further, and for people in Borger, Fritch, and Sanford – this should be completely full of open water swimmers, but it’s still not a big passion out here in the Panhandle.

Using the whole area of the lake my friend has managed to get a good half-mile course set up, but it was somewhere between 700M and 800M. I hope I can get out there with a GPS to set the course right at 800M, and I’d really like to set up a couple of 100-150 M areas for intervals. That’s my pool training coming back to haunt me. It does seem like it would really help to have a short segment to build some speed and work on keeping lines straight before you haul off for 400 m across the lake.

The group was a great group of a few triathletes and swimmers, and the water temperature was so nice that I could really hammer the speed.

After a few weeks of doing short work in the pool, it was nice to stretch out my arms.


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