Almond Milk: Not a Scam


Almond milk is basically what vegans and hipsters drink in the place of milk. Some do it for ethical reasons, and some people genuinely enjoy it. Recently people have been “debunking” almond milk.

Why would they bother? I’m really not sure on this. The claim is that almond milk is nothing more than a handful of almonds in filtered water… Which is pretty much what is advertised. It’s not really a hidden secret of the product. Perhaps someone might be fooled into believing that you can squeeze liquid from nuts in a reasonable fashion, but perhaps some people really don’t know what they’re drinking.

Now, perhaps the problem frustrating the debunkers is the overzealous nature of the “Almond Milk” converts. It can be annoying when someone gets on a fad and starts spouting off the limitless benefits with all the knowledge of a snake oil salesman. It’s sort of how I feel about people who sell diet pills or fad diets.

On their side of the discussion then, almond milk is no cure-all. It is a decent replacement as a beverage for ordinary milk when you cannot have dairy either from allergy or ethics. It is not magical nor will it offer complete nutrition in itself.

Vilifying almond because it contains sweeteners (except in the unsweetened variety) makes a little sense, one of the biggest lessons that people can benefit from is checking the labels and knowing how the nutrition of any item figures into the larger diet. There are plenty of good articles going through the nutrition of different milk alternatives.

My larger point is to not dismiss an item simply because it isn’t perfect. There are still reasons to choose almond milk over dairy for many people, but doing it as a diet or a fad makes very little sense to me. If you want to make your own, buy almond butter or pecan butter or peanut butter throw chosen nut butter in a blender with some water and mix it up. You can have a little more control of your milk substitute that way.


About Sean Smith

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