The Global Leadership Summit: Polk Street Campus



Bill Hybels dreamed a dream. What would happen if you got together leaders across a spectrum of disciplines and got them to share their thoughts on leadership? Well, Global Leadership Summit is the realization of this dream.

GLS offers loads of practical advice and reflection on leadership. Working in groups and leading organizations is tough work and requires vulnerability in addition to communication skills and a vision. The information given might even be too much to really process in the two days of the summit.

As with any conference or class it takes time to really unpack and utilize what you have learned, but the lessons are only the icing on the cake.

The greatest part of the GLS is the “pep rally” aspect. It’s inspiring to hear their stories and their methods, and it’s refreshing to hear new perspectives with new eyes on familiar problems of guiding people and dreaming big. Occasionally you need fresh eyes on these topics

The second great thing about the summit is the bridge it builds between what is normally considered “secular” and religious. It is an unashamedly Christian. The leaders have personal faith stories that contribute to their accounts of leadership, and even where they are not explicitly Christian, Bill Hybels weaves them together during his presentations either explicitly or indirectly but always effectively.

Business leaders are not always aware of the “calling” or “vocational” aspect of their labors. In the opening session Bill pointed out the need for Christians laboring not from the pulpit but in every aspect of life from business to agriculture to government to education. Each area needs people can dream and lead effectively. GLS leads the way in creating a space and cultivating the imagination to help put the drive to serve in all of these areas as leaders with a recognition of their creator.

Conversation forms up in all the groups that come whether they just met or came together. Many of the ideas presented are almost instant conversation starters, and while this is no academic conference that presents full theories with great interlocutors that really press the details of each idea, it still provides interesting and useful frameworks for reconceptualizing leadership in ways that multiply the effectiveness of leaders.


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