Allergy Immunotherapy: On to Vial 2

Yesterday I picked up the second set of vials for my immunotherapy regimen. How has the last month of two shots every other day gone?

Well, I am surprised to say, I do not mind giving myself shots any longer. It doesn’t take too long although I do have to schedule my day around the shots – no strenuous activity 2 hours before or after and keeping an EpiPen around for emergencies the rest of the day. Benadryl, which I also carry, can take care of most problems in theory. My allergy lab said they’d never had anyone have to use the EpiPen, and I’m certain that I do not want to be first.  

Are they working…. In a word, no. 

Let me clarify, there has been no reduction in allergy symptoms. There shouldn’t be at this point even if the therapy is working it will be 4-5 months before any serious reduction in symptoms occur. As a side note: I am completely worn out about 12 hours after the shots. I mean zombified, there’s no gas in the tank worn out. I pretty much have to curl up and get a little sleep – 15-30 minutes seems to help, but at least one time it’s been more like 2-3 hours. 

So, I try to time my shots about 9-10 am which knocks me out around bed time. There is still a general lethargy to my movements most of the time, and I’ve had an itchy throat now for an entire month. Now while I could have picked up a bug that I am just not aware of, I have had a rough week of exhaustion that I cannot seem to tie down to anything but the allergy shots. 

That being said, I have yet to get a sinus infection that plagued me for so much of last year. 

The new vial is 5 times as concentrated and so started off yesterday with a 1/5th dose to be increased over the next three injections. From what I can tell, the vials get more and more concentrated as I go, but I cannot help but think that a stronger concentration at the start would have been helpful despite all I know about slowly ramping up any sort of regimen. 

I’m hoping the 4-5 month wait will be truncated in my case. I’m starting younger than quite a few people and my immune system should be healthy from good exercise and eating well. But truly that’s a pipe dream. A more reasonable hope is me holding out for the allergen levels to drop into a sane range during the next month. The last month has been really bad for allergies. Yesterday, the allergen index was at 8.9 out of 10 – which may explain some of my lethargy. 

Here’s hoping the relief comes soon and I can get back to training. 


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