Swatting at Flies: Embracing Rest

The flies have been particularly bad this year in North West Texas. Mostly, this is due to the abundant rain fall that is strange in this region. Driving to Dumas, Tx today, the vista was green with only hints of brown and a river flowed with water.

Now, I respect all the people back east who think of August as a green month. Living in North Carolina almost made me think it was the norm for summers to be green and produce good fruits and vegetables from the ground, but I did grow up in Texas. August is the month of brown. Green is something that only happens occasionally in March and April.

Not this year. It has not stopped being green all year. Lake levels rise with each storm, and the views are fantastic.

But still the flies.

I guess they give us something to swat at.

Flies though have at least one lesson to teach. When the water level is down, when there isn’t any rain, they die off waiting to come back. They’re never entirely gone, but they take opportunities when they present themselves. Rest when injured, rest when over extended and off balance, rest when you need it works like this. Its as if we are biding our time to get the most done when the conditions are right.

The olympic training center actually closes down their weight room at night. They put up a fence on top of a 15 foot wall to keep athletes from getting in during the night and over training. What a concept! As often as not, we are tempted to go to far, to work to hard. It ends up costing us in the long run even if there do seem to be short term benefits.

So, watch the flies, take a rest and take the best opportunities to do the most work to the best results. Otherwise you might as well get hurt swatting at flies.


About Sean Smith

Husband, Father, Pastor, Swimmer, Writer, Reader, and attempted Adventurer!
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