American Ninja Warrior

Viking warrior played on the TVs in the Mr. Ghatti’s Pizza on college night, and what college student can resist a cheap pizza buffet? When I say TV, I really mean on the giant projection screen. 

Contestants would battle through obstacles only to face a trap door triggered by an incorrect answer to a math problem. It was quite a bit of Japanese craziness. Just like pizza, what is not to love about a play ground for adults? This only prepared me for what we ended up getting sucked into this summer, American Ninja Warrior. 

In Steam Boat Springs we flipped through the channels and saw a show we enjoyed making fun of and hovered on it for a while. When we got home, ANW is on one of the broad cast channels our antenna picks up. After a couple of weeks, we started following a few characters and got hooked. The producers know how to play the stories and the excitement of the event up. 

It captures the fun and competitiveness of the human spirit, and I get caught up in it. I hang around with a group of guys that do ironman races, and after awhile it feels abnormal not having done an ironman. They do it for the thrill of the challenge, and these “ninjas” work the same way. The course is a giant play ground that just seems fun in such a simple way like a kids play ground made adult sized. 

Why don’t more of this play like this on a regular basis? These guys are biologists, lawyers, construction workers, ranchers, and every other type of profession out there. They love going out and thrashing themselves, and man I would love to join any one of them. 


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