Baptizing Lucy, My Youngest

ucy got dressed in her baptismal gown. 

You know weddings are not the only time we come down an isle as Christians. Weddings are not the only time we take vows in front of a congregation in a Church. It’s possible to forget that we take vows at baptism and at confirmation and ordination as well. Those vows are not just about a couple or just one person making a commitment. These vows bind the church together. 

Most of us have glossed over this point by making baptism about an individual commitment to faith. It’s why we struggle so much with whether a baptism is valid until someone is at an age to make a choice for themselves. But the vows are from the parents and the church to God and to each other and appropriately the vows are woven in such a way as to recognize the dependence we have on God to live them out. 

So, when we got up and baptized, Lucy this morning, we took vows, and the church took vows. With God’s help we will raise her in such a way as to encounter the living God in a way that makes whole all the things that we cannot. 

This little girl sitting in my arms with water pouring down her face, she became part of something called the church, and hopefully, she’ll choose to take those vows for herself at confirmation. Until then, with God’s help we will keep raising her and her sister to know the stories that make us a people that follow Christ. 


About Sean Smith

Husband, Father, Pastor, Swimmer, Writer, Reader, and attempted Adventurer!
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