Tri to Make a Difference – The TTMAD!

The Tri to Make a Difference is the social event of the triathlon season for Amarillo. Every triathlete near Amarillo keeps this one on their calendar or at least tri-s…

For good reason, triathlons and runs are great social events full of life and fun and mutual encouragement, but the TTMAD is a friendly uplifting environment that stands above the rest. The atmosphere is up beat excited for the cause and the live band and hamburgers (or beer) available for all after the race is finished. TTMAD benefits the Children’s Miracle Network (follow the link for this years family)!

As of a week ago, I was excited to go, but I had a couple of disappointments. The person who beat me last year in the swim (I really only care about the swim) was not entering although they’d be there to cheer the rest of us on. Last year, another friend I had been training the swim with, Mark, opted for a tri where he could make some money. This year, Mark got injured last weekend and was going to be here and not race.

A little bummed, but I was confident that with my new bike and the running work I have been doing that I would pick up the pace from last year, and when all was said and done I was right.

Mark showed up this morning and to my great delight decided to do a relay with his family taking the swim leg. We would get to race!

It was epic, and quite possibly the best one-on-one race I have ever had with anyone. I was behind until we rounded the buoy to head back in, the gap between us shrank as I caught him up. Then, we battled it out neck and neck to get out of the water, both of us tired and falling over on the mossy boat ramp until we found the mat to step on. We tore off to the sensor and he beat me by a tenth of a second or so. A photo finish race won by the fastest runner!

The next person out of the water was 47 seconds back, and the next behind them another 10 seconds. What a race for the 1 and 2 positions! Now I’ll have to catch him on the bike and run (he’s a pro triathlete – not good odds for me)! It made the whole day that much better for me!


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