USRPT Continued

The last few days, I have been slowly going through the DVDs from Brent Rushall on USRPT. A friend and I went in half and half for the set which is basically a pretty boring and underwhelming seminar which is still packed with information.

It’s pricey – $200, and honestly, we may be splitting it with 2 other people to bring the price down to $50 a person. That’s steep for a set of DVDs and paper work, but it’s comparable to going to a seminar. Honestly, I doubt they could have charged this much until Michael Andrew started winning races and there are still vast resources available on Brent Rushall’s webpage (not to be confused with the USRPT page).  Neither page is wonderfully up to date and the DVD doesn’t seem to reference anything past Beijing and does not incorporate videos or wonderfully integrated images with the presentation. In essence it’s just a seminar that’s been recorded.

For $200? Yeah, if the content wasn’t useful, I would have turned up my nose and walked away. If I hadn’t found someone else willing to split the price? I would have walked away.

Because I didn’t I can say that so far, the information has been helpful and on point. Over the next few weeks, I’ll try to write up a little about this concept of USRPT and the application of USRPT. Right now, I’m starting back in the water after two weeks where I only got in 4 times. We’ll see if the modifications that this DVD set has inspired will bear fruit.

Brent Rushall is a hard liner on his position, but if you know what you are listening to, you can see the areas for experimenting and probing his theories in greater depth. You can also see the need for greater research to be done on the physiological effects this type of training creates. It’s also an interesting theory for distance swimming like the 1500 m and the 5 and 10 kilometer swims (Not to mention the 1.2 and 2.4 miles swims for ironman triathlons). Along the same lines of thinking, it’s possible that we could take this work and apply it to running.

At the moment, I am revising my own work out schedule to focus on three areas: Butterfly, IM, and Distance Free. These are pretty diverse events requiring a variety of different foci, but USRPT allows focus on multiple disciplines in the same work out. It’s in pursuit of Distance Free that I’m tweeking USRPT the most, and I am considering adding in a test of this sort of training for running and cycling to help my triathlon times.


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