The Fearless Ones


Pastors belt it out. When we sing, there’s no hesitation or holding back. It’s loud and on occasion it manages to be on key – which is quite a thing.

Now, it’s not that we are truly fearless, but we are not easily embarrassed. It’s fun because no one is afraid of not knowing the words and if someone messes up we can’t really hear them anyways. Our fears of being embarrassed went out with the pursuit of the gospel (ok not all of them), and as a results we can let go and sing together.

Sitting at a pastors gathering this monday afternoon, I was thinking back about our singing and how much fun it is to really let go and be loud. I wish more people were less afraid of being embarrassed and would sing all out.

We aren’t irreverent or more reverent than other human beings or other Christians. Most of us are genuine in our care for others and rightly cautious in the words we speak. Even when there are exceptions, those pastors more than likely didn’t start out that way. Quite a few pastors I know are not terribly confident public speakers and spend a considerable amount of time practicing to present what they feel called to say.

I personally didn’t start out enjoying public speaking, but I’ve slowly become accustom to it. No, when I started out the only think I liked doing loud was singing with a few of my friends. We could match pitch and resonate in ways that I truly enjoyed both the sound and the lyrics. Yeah, it was singing where I first really felt like pouring my soul into what I was doing in worship of God.

Now I have a few more avenues, but I still enjoy singing time from time.

We may need more people who can teach, preach, and sing boldly so that the ones who are timid can come out and shine alongside us in harmony and melody. We need more people who can overcome the worries that plague us with self doubt and take up arms against the sea of nausea that keeps us from standing out. Why? Because there’s great joy in standing up without fear of embarrassment that comes from trusting the people around your and worshiping God.


About Sean Smith

Husband, Father, Pastor, Swimmer, Writer, Reader, and attempted Adventurer!
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