Reasons to not be Paranoid about Ebola


Fear is a perfectly normal response to a virus as dangerous as ebola. Having an opinion on how ebola cases should be handled could be considered normal and rational. Incendiary political talk around ebola around the time of elections, well we’re par for the course.

But the level of paranoia and outrage that the single fatality from ebola has caused seems beyond disproportionate. Others have really gone into people commenting on deaths from anything from heart disease to drunk driving. I’ve even said in a group that the ebola outbreak in Africa (let alone the United States) has killed far less people in total (~4,500 right now) than die in two days from malaria (~3000 children per day or ~6000).

That should give us some perspective, but I still find people that don’t understand what the CDC or the president is doing allowing American citizens or residents to return to our country – even a doctor who has contracted ebola wanting to come home has received negative press.

So without further ado here are 3 reasons to not get paranoid about ebola:

1) It has a really low rate of infection, and I mean really low. In places with no public sanitation that rate is still incredibly low and only happens with direct contact with bodily fluids. Seriously, you could be sitting next to someone who pukes and as long as it doesn’t get on you (particularly on a cut or sore or micro cut) you are incredibly unlikely to be infected.

2) We should care about people enough to risk some of our well being and that of our kids and family members for those in need. It is truly offensive to hear people talk about closing our boarders when we have facilities that could truly help people. Who said following Christ and loving your neighbor and enemy would be safe and inexpensive? Maybe a little trust in God along with proper preventative measures will be sufficient to allow us to help others with minimum risk.

3) Put the political rhetoric in proper perspective. We are up for a mid term election and now is the time to rapid fire arrows at opponents . Listen with an ear to what’s going on. I wont blame them for what they’re doing, that’s part of their job – even when they are mostly honest they have to get elected by being seen as effective.

4) Be concerned and conscientious about things that are actually hurting us. Otherwise you just look hypocritical and unthinking. You can look up the statistics on drunk driving, gun violence, heart disease, cigarettes, and so on… I don’t plan on patronizing you. Take the time to oppose something that is killing or reducing your quality of life and those around you.

Most of all… Don’t play with people’s puke or defecation without gloves on… Please.


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Husband, Father, Pastor, Swimmer, Writer, Reader, and attempted Adventurer!
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