Our Frozen Family

We were part of the many last night. Although we did it in our own way, we participated in the largest costume craze that I can think of ever happening.

We all dressed up as frozen characters. It was adorable – my 2.5 year old was Elsa and our 9 month old was Anna, with custom hats and dresses for both. They smiled an giggled and laughed. Anna got wrapped up in mom’s new hobbie of woven wrapping, and when Courtney was done our little one looked just like Anna riding Sven (as much as Courtney can look like a Reindeer).

Daddy dressed up to look like Olaf and we padded around town trick or treating with a couple of friends from Amarillo.

Let me tell you, small downs do the trick or treating right – loads of kids on gators, golf carts, or pickup beds pile out at each house just having a blast along side all the pedestrians. So many people had their lights on and were ready with candy, and we were lucky enough to make it back to the house in time for a couple more to come by. Even the cold weather couldn’t put a damper on our spirits.

Our oldest who normally puts up a fight before begrudgingly approaching a stranger, or indeed approaching anyone she hasn’t had a lot of contact with, ran up and said trick or treat. We’d been having her practice for days, and we still figured she wouldn’t even go close. She still wanted mommy and daddy by her side, but she really enjoyed getting out and running around – and the candy… that’s a good motivator there.

All in all an adorable halloween, and really our first halloween with the girls trick or treating!


About Sean Smith

Husband, Father, Pastor, Swimmer, Writer, Reader, and attempted Adventurer!
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