Sunday Afternoon Drive

Recently our girls have been fighting naps, and so today we took a sunday afternoon drive to offset the time change. They passed out after two minutes, and we got to enjoy adult conversation time during the day for the first time in ages.

It was also our first time to really get to explore 207 south out of Claude, which is a great road. This is the site of the hot dog run 15k relay through Palo Duro Canyon – a good 9 mile stretch from rim to rim of the canyon. I’m looking forward to running this next year, but it has to be said – that is not an easy bit of running, but it’s beautiful drive.

You start off on what looks pretty flat but is actually a series of long slopes on what is a road that is almost completely straight until it sort of curves right and then allons-y down into the canyon. You go through some switchbacks with dramatic landscapes peeking out through the various topography. Great green swatches pop up, and my wife and I couldn’t stop being surprised at oddity nor stop commenting about the presence of such a lush color this time of year!

It’s an odd thing to see green in Texas in November outside of live oaks and cedar trees. To see green grass is almost worthy of a legend or two in it’s own right – “Remember back in 2014…”, ” Yeah, never seen it green that late in the year.”

Greens were joined by red and yellows and whites across the spanish skirts and various buttes sticking out into the  canyon off of what we looks like a mountains. At least it looks like a mountain range from the bottom of the canyon.

After we crawled out of the canyon we kept going all the way to Mackenzie Lake. It was back up on the plain for 17 miles until you drop down into another finger of the canyon where a dam has been built up and a nice lake nestled in the ridges of the canyon off shoot still had water (also rare for this part of Texas). We went across the damn and snapped a few shots. The one from above is from the top of the dam looking back towards the spill way.

I’ll upload them when I can get my iphone app to work.

The drive was peaceful and relaxing and a great way to spend time to reconnect with Courtney while the girls get adjusted to day light savings.




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