San Diego Trip: Part 1


Flying into San Diego today I snapped a few pictures of the aircraft carriers and other vessels in port. But even the impressive views from the plane didn’t get me ready for San Diego. I’m mesmerized so far.

About fourteen years ago my family saddled up the car just after I got my drivers’ license to head to San Diego from a little town North of Austin, Texas. My first drive post passing the test, and I drove over several days to California. We wen through San Diego, but we really didn’t get a chance to explore. My dad has an unfortunate habit of trying to cram too much into one trip and missing out on some cool opportunities in the process.

I inherited this little foible.

When ever I travel I try to cram everything in that I can, but cramming doesn’t make what you’re doing more fun or really give you a chance to connect to any particular spot.

It’s my initial impression, but as we stood out on Point Loma looking out over the city, it felt as if you could spend a life time in San Diego and not see everything or go to everything. The mountains behind the city looked like a big sandbox to play in, the running trails by the coast and bay, and seeing all the restaurants all of these things just seemed to crash in like a wave.
14 - 4

I like this place already.

Give me a few more days and I may just be in love.


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9 Responses to San Diego Trip: Part 1

  1. For many of us that now live here, the love of this awesome city starts like you describe. Enjoy your visit!

    • Sean Smith says:

      I definitely wouldn’t mind living here, and just visiting is pretty awesome. We wont be able to explore much after yesterday – we’re technically here for a conference at the convention center. I still hope we can see a bit more before we fly out.

      • If you get a chance, go to Cabrillo National Monument. It isnot far from downtown, and the views are amazing. How many are with you? When do you leave?

      • Sean Smith says:

        Tuesday and a couple other people! Ill check it out! Thank You!

      • Definitely try to make it there. Amazing views of the city, and historic… Have a blast and enjoy your visit here.

      • Sean Smith says:

        I was looking for directions to the Cabrillo National Monument, and I was so caught up in being out at Point Loma that I didn’t realize I was there. It was really, and I bought a couple of souvenirs for my girls. Sorry, I didn’t realize it earlier, I guess I was a bit tired from the flight and hadn’t really paid much attention to anything but the views. I’ll see if I can get back while I’m here!

      • Glad you are getting to see some of the city while you are here. 🙂

      • Sean Smith says:

        As much as I can! Any other cool places I should check out? Any recommendations for good places to eat down near the convention center? We’ve already tried Taka and a place a couple blocks up from the convention center with a chips and salsa bar (no idea of the name!).

      • I am not too good with restaurants downtown, but The Neighborhood is really good. It is more of a fancy pub with lots of beer on tap, but I don’t drink, and had a delicious lunch. If you get up to La Jolla, check out Wahoo’s Fish Taco for a good inexpensive meal and a quirky environment. More great vies of the city from Mt. Soledad. This is all up in La Jolla. Maybe a 15 minute ride from downtown on the 5.

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