Morning Run in San Diego: Checking out the Bay Front – San Diego part 3

Easing myself out of bed, I decided to go for a run to test out my Luna Sandals for the first time. It’s been in the 20-30s since I got them, and I don’t have any toe socks, but just like I figured San Diego wouldn’t disappoint. This is the view from the hotel going down for my run in the 55 degree weather.

Now clearly the 55 degree bliss was missed by the locals who were wearing multiple layers to run, but there were a few people out in reasonable clothes for a jog. The trail was nice and level and people were friendly. I found my pace and relaxed and just enjoyed the views and snapped a few pictures as I went.

I started out next to the Star of India and the Midway, but I wasn’t in a steady enough pace to really get a good shot of those. I’ll have to snap a couple of pictures when I get a chance sometime before I leave.

I ran by this marina and park where they were setting up a wine festival just east of the convention center. These wonderful trees made the slow rise of the sun feel otherworldly especially with all the activity going on behind them this early in the morning.

Now at this point I had sort of planned on turning around.

This was my first run in a month, and the convention was going to take a lot out of me walking mile after mile between sessions. The plan was for 2 miles, but I was already past that with a turn around. But the level ground felt nice and my legs weren’t tired.

Besides, there was plenty more to see.


After passing this marina, I felt like turning around, but then I saw this cool looking sort of suspension bridge – sort of because it looks like the suspension is far more aesthetic than structural, and I decided to run over it before turning back.


When I got to the top, I snapped a picture of the convention center that I would be spending the next couple of days at. Then I headed back for a shower and some breakfast before the long day began. IMG_3131


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