The Face of Temptation: AAR Publishing Houses

The American Academy of Religion meets together for a number of reasons: fostering interesting conversations, networking for creative collaboration, and general fellowship/scholarship. The publishing houses know what’s coming though, and boy do they lay out the banquet of temptation for us nerds.

14 - 3

My own personal temptation: St. Vlad’s press. They put out books by early church (aka Patristic) writers and even with the discount this set me back.

A number of other groups put out a good spread, while St. Vlad’s did it’s best to damage my limited book money, it was by no means the worst. That title goes to Oxford Press which has some of the highest quality research books out there, and that is among a prestigious field.

The prized book from Oxford is William Cavanuagh’s book “Myth of Religious Violence”. From St. Vlads there were several books I’m excited about, but I’m really curious to read the three fold accounts on the Lord’s Prayer and Chrysostom’s account on Marriage and Family.

The other thing I loaded up on – which I shouldn’t have – was the free journals available. Even only grabbing journals with two or three articles that I was interested in, but I could have set the bar higher.

Thankfully they mark down the books considerably for the conference.

Be wary of book stores! They’re there to make money!


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