Theotokos: God Bearer

jusus_theotokosMary, the mother of God, is the paradigm of a Christian life. She is the good news enfleshed.

Think about it, she get’s offered to have the child of God in here. She accepts, and while I’m aware there are more complicated aspects of this story to explore, this is quite an acceptance of what’s to happen to her.

Then, she gives birth and raises a kid that is always beyond her control.

Then, that child spreads the news, dies, and is resurrected.

Her life, body, heart – all transformed by what has happened.

Of course the faith that Christians profess is to take on the life of Christ, to take that life inside of us and let it bear fruit. We are promised abundant life and fruit to be born. What happens to Mary, happens to us – we are always over matched for the power that dwells inside of us.

We live out that life, poor it out, and it goes all haywire and never quite as we expect it to go. Even though experience can deaden us to the shock what our actions and words can result in – we still find ourselves in awe at what’s going on in others lives because of something God has done through us or in them.

I know I do.

Our hearts… Transformed.

Heads? Renewed.

Bodies? We haven’t quite made it to the resurrection yet.

We are in a way little versions of Mary the Theotokos which means “God-bearer”. In our communities and in our own selves we bear the incarnate deity, Jesus Christ.

I find the though humbling and amazing and awe inspiring more than just a little bit.



About Sean Smith

Husband, Father, Pastor, Swimmer, Writer, Reader, and attempted Adventurer!
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