High Hopes for Cuba

castro at the lincoln
Reopening diplomatic relations with Cuba is definitely a controversial decision. But I’m for it. It can only help the people of that country, and I believe it can help us as well.

It’s a tragic thing when near neighbors don’t talk, and while there continues to be problems within Cuba, it’s also seems certain that what has happened over the past few decades has not accomplished any of our goals or stopped the human rights violations.

Raul Castro hopes this creates an era of “sustainable and prosperous communism” and demonstrates his awareness of the challenges that lie ahead in the diplomatic process, but along side this, he offers thanks to President Obama for the largest change in Cuba-US relations over the last 50 years.

This is something of a victory for the communist revolution in Cuba to receive official recognition by the United States, and frankly, it amazes me that they see it as such. Their party functionally governs the island and has done so for more than half a century. They’ve had their victory, but now it has sweetened.

Cuba is not a free country. Communisms very rarely seem to actually manage to get away from the totalitarian trap, and people in Cuba are still imprisoned for any opposition to the Castro Regime. For this reason and other human rights violations still perpetrated by Raul’s party, Obama has been called a traitor at rallies in Miami.

Even in Cuba, some loyalist party members were not won over by Raul’s speech. They wanted to wait until trade the trade embargo was lifted entirely. This is having a rough birth, but perhaps opening talks with each other will provide the first steps for change and an end to the human rights violations. We do not have to agree to talk.

Christians are called to be peacemakers, and it would be nigh impossible to make peace if we do not talk and listen to one another. Here’s hoping that this allows us to come together and strengthen our relationships as countries and peoples!



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