Headaches of Video Review

When it comes to writing, I’m a touch of a perfectionist.

When it comes to video – that perfectionism takes over and goes out of the way to crash me into every small divot. And honestly, I’m not any good at it even when I do spend too much time.

To caveat this, I’m doing a contest entry to win a free trip to Japan being done by an Author D.W. Jackson. Here’s the link. It’s a video review of any of his fantasy books. I picked up “Inexperienced Mage” and enjoyed it. But the video is giving me some headaches.

It’s sort of like a car with ultra stiff suspension verses the old boats that I drove when I first got my licenses. In the boats, you glide over every pothole with the occasional jostle forgotten in the nice comy seats. You glide around corners in a sort of elephantine ballet where mistakes are masked by weight and sheer momentum.

That’s writing occasionally… Actually, I get pretty nervous about writing too.

But video just makes me feel every bump and jar. Every time I repeat a word or miss a facial expression, I just start over. Knowing that I can edit the bits and pieces I want into a cohesive whole should help, but for some reason I fight to get it right in one take.

Something about editing doesn’t seem pure enough.

Surprisingly, I’m enjoying myself. I just wish I had more time to spend on the project or that I could do something more interesting visually with the video equipment I have. But that would perhaps just add to the frustrations for now, those delightful frustrations.

I’ll put up a review of the book as well as the video on here in few days. Wish me luck!


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