Miles of Snow in the Middle of Nowhere

15 - 2
Between Roswell and Portales, there are only two little towns, Kenna and Elida. Other than that, it’s a sprawling empty place that was transformed by weather today. This year has been an odd year for the whole region, the summer was green all the way through and the winter has had more than it’s fair share of moisture.

The incoming storm suggested a few inches of snow to come down today, and there were no cars for miles. As we cruised along dead winter grass filled the view all the way to the horizon with a dusty tan against a boring gray sky with specks of blue poking through now and again.

It all changed.

It amazes me how precipitation can have such stark borders. But as we drove we hit one of those borders determined only by the wind that is as stark as the tree line or fence, and just in the blink of an eye, everything turned white and went on mile after mile. Not another car except in the little towns in the endless miles of clear road and white on the trees and grass and hills.

Strictly speaking it wasn’t endless, just 30-40 miles. It was incredible to see white on such an endless horizon. Most places that get snow are interrupted by mountains or trees, but not here. Only the few trees weighted down with ice and lit up in white.

15 - 5


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