Set Back at the Scales


Since moving to Claude this Summer, I’ve been putting on weight.

In fact since my birthday back in May I’ve gained twenty pounds.

Which is a bit of a disappointment for three very good reasons. First, I’d dropped my weight from 245 lbs to below 200 lbs and kept it off for two years. Second, at the end of Lent last year, I weight just a pound more than I had weighed when I graduated high school twelve years ago. Third, I’m not eating that different than I was before.

What happened?

I haven’t been motivated to do anything.

The drive into the pool is 35 miles or so, and by the time I’m there, my heart rate is back to what it was when I went to bed and my motivation to get through a work out. Running in Claude is a little monotonous but not horrible. The monotony kills the motivation, and I’ve been plagued by allergy and allergy related upper respiratory problems. Now with my knee problem… Well I’m just in doors for a while.

But I say all this because I’m going to start back up.

Slowly, but I’m setting myself a goal to be ready to better my time at this year’s chilly hilly half marathon (in March or something) – last year was my first with 2:16 to beat, and I’m hoping to get faster for this year. I’ll also work on hitting that high school weights.

Barring any persistent problems with my knee, that’s what I’m going to work towards.


About Sean Smith

Husband, Father, Pastor, Swimmer, Writer, Reader, and attempted Adventurer!
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  1. I like this weblog so much, bookmarked. “Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be.” by Peter De Vries.

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