Young’s Sushi and Thai


A new Thai restaurant has popped up on my radar. I’ve taken the girls to it a couple of times and tried a number of things they offer, and I think it’s my new favorite Thai/Sushi restaurant in Amarillo.

Young’s Sushi

It’s got great food which is definitely the reason, and I think it’s the best Sushi in Amarillo. We’ve had several roles along with curry dishes, pad thai, and few others – everything has been great.

Thankfully it’s avoided the gaudiness of the Japanese steak houses in town. Those steak hoses have decent sushi in their own right, but the decor just makes me uncomfortable and the prices are a bit crazy. And as pricey as the steak house Sushi is, it doesn’t compare to Youngs.

But that’s not what really impressed me.

Nope, two things got me: the atmosphere and the service.

Most of the time taking toddlers to dinner is an occasion for embarrassment or frustration, and while the cuteness of my little girls tends to get warm greetings at any place we go, there is still that nagging and embarrassed feeling when we are the only family wrangling two little ones through a meal.

Young’s has a great family feel to it. What do I mean? Well most of the people there were families at dinner. There were several families with young kids along with families with kids from elementary school to college.

Now this was a Friday night, I can’t vouch for it being all of the time.

However, every time we’ve gone we’ve had great service. This last time is why I’m writing this review at all. The waiter saw J struggling with her chopsticks and went back into the kitchen found a smaller pair and a couple of rubber bands and fashioned some child chopsticks.

Her face was glowing when she could use them herself to pick up her noodles and chicken in her Pad Thai. That made the whole experience one to be remembered.


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2 Responses to Young’s Sushi and Thai

  1. I’ll have to try to remember this on my trip out West. 🙂

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