Selling a House


Back in 2008, we lived in a small 550 square foot apartment near Missouri University of Science and Technology. We were just married and enjoyed our cheap little apartment, but on one day in the winter we went with a college group to help clean out a ladies back yard. Turns out she was moving and needed to sell the place, and this is that house.

We should have haggled more, but we were young and the appraisers were just flat out wrong. So, we payed too much, but it was our cute little home.


And we only ended up living there for a few months before moving. In that time all sorts of flowers grew up in the yard from the previous owners prolific gardening efforts. They were beautiful and it seemed a different variety bloomed every week or so.


When we moved, we couldn’t sell it.

We ended up just renting it out with the help of a property management company who did a decent job keeping it up. It was still in disrepair, and we never really had enough to fix it. The house stayed cute and livable, but mid way through last year we decided to try and sell it again.

Through the low ball offers and the nonsense offers, we had reduced our price. It eventually became apparent that we were going to have to sell it for less than we owed. We were beginning to work through the details of that when a blessing in disguise showed up.

The property and neighboring properties were being bought up under immanent domain for use by the university.

So, on Jan 30th, 2015, we bid farewell to our little house that felt like home: where we survived tornados and brought home our first dog, where we first felt like adults and shouldn’t have, where we struggled through the times I was depressed from working in a lab, and where we first decided to listen to the tugging of the Holy Spirit to go into ministry.

We know the house will be demolished, but that’s how these things go. Even our memories will fade of that place, and our current domicile is home now. But that little house that has stood since 1923 deserves the space it has in our hearts as the first place we ever owned and loved.


About Sean Smith

Husband, Father, Pastor, Swimmer, Writer, Reader, and attempted Adventurer!
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