30 Days of Yoga – an Update on Doing Yogas

Last week I posted up about starting in on a yoga routine on a friend’s recommendation. Thirty days of yoga with Adrienne has been great so far. Despite my misgivings at first given her intro video, the classes have been well paced for a beginner like me.

I get fed up with the “hyper spiritualized” yoga instructors, but Adrienne doesn’t seem to take herself too seriously. She’ll connect us to our breath without taking it too far. She also has a fun sense of humor and constantly encourages people to add more or take away what isn’t working.

The videos are paced so that not every day is the same intensity or works the same muscles, and while my abs still hurt and it’s only been 8 days so far, I think she’s going to keep up changing the routines. This avoids the dullness of hitting one video and one particular group of muscles that I find myself easily falling into.

My wife has even started joining in the last few nights.

Oh, she starts off saying she’s too tired, and she adamantly insists that she will only do a couple minutes and then she’s headed off to bed. But then at the end of the video she’s relaxing with me listening to the last few strains of a song by “Explosions in the Sky”, which despite the name is the perfect yoga music.

That’s been the most fun for me, I enjoy doing yoga a little. The increase in flexibility is nice, but honestly, it isn’t top priority for me. But when working out together with C, I couldn’t be having more fun. I would encourage you to join in if you are interested!


About Sean Smith

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