One Year Old Party Time


Our little girl turned one the other day, but we didn’t get to have the party until today. It was a small get together for some of our friends with similar age kids, and it was a blast. L couldn’t have been more delighted to see the house decorated.

Her look of bewildered joy carried her through nap time and straight on through dinner. She went strong all afternoon with glassy eyes coming out now and again that quickly got energized by the people and fun around her.


Of course the presents are the main thing – and the skirt… and the balloons… and the dinosaur footprints and stuffed animals. Ok so it was all pretty good if you’re not quite three feet tall, and if you happen to be a little taller, it was fun to get caught up in the little girls excitement.

Courtney has perfected the art of using multiple cake mixes with different dyes to create cupcakes with swirly patterns. This year she mixed pink, green, purple, and orange to make something that looked like a gobstopper or rainbow sherbet. They were delicious and moist, and honestly with the dinosaur theme we had going I think passed for wonderful little Pangea worlds – which I usually picture having more color than ours from space.

Big sister proved very helpful when you can’t quite figure out how to get the presents out, and really we only need one present because that’s all we can focus on at any given moment. But we enjoyed them all, she’s a grateful little girl, and I’m sure she’ll be learning to say thank you at any time now… Ok, maybe another year.

For right now we will stick to figuring out the magic of balloons!



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