Swinging at the Gem Theater


Claude, TX has a little theater called the Gem, and it’s 100 years old this year. They have a whole year of concerts and events planned to celebrate the fun and culture this little theater has brought to the community. Tonight it was a western swing band, Colby Carter and the Five Miles West.

Courtney is more of the Western Swing persuasion than I am, but I cannot wait until they come back in September to the Goodnight House. Tonight it was in a theater, and it’s hard to sit and listen to Western Swing, and most people in the audience felt it.

There was clapping and moving of heads, and more than a couple of people tapping there feet. If you’ve ever heard Western Swing, you know you really need to dance or be doing something while you’re listening. The concert was great and very well done, I just wanted to dance to the music.

We ended up having to head home a little early from our date to go get the girls from the sitters. It was a nice way to end the day after L’s Birthday Party and the tire fiasco. We are truly thankful for the folks at the church that invited us to come along!


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