Happy St. Valentine’s Day!


My favorite movies contain an element of friendship. It’s not something every movie or story can really captures, but the best ones always grab you along and bring you into the rich wonderful world of friendship. That’s what I hope you have for St. Valentine’s day, rich and wonderful friendships.

Courtney is my best friend. Sure we are spouses, but it’s the little moments that let us see how close we have become over the last few years, by laughing at a shared joke or finding something that our daughters did adorable. Those moments reveal what working through hard times have made us into – people that enjoy the joy in one another.

The last few years have given me respect for the diligence and hard work that Courtney puts towards everything. She works hard at everything she does, and the results come in not just with success but with real enjoyment of what she does and who she is.

Teaching is her passion, and she always strives to be better at it. You can see how much she cares for the kids in the time she takes to grade their assignments and work on test reviews and come up with new ways to present the material. Seriously, being in the room with her is awe inspiring. (It might be part of the reason I started this blog)

Being a mom to J and L has brought out her willingness to do anything for the sake of someone else. She sacrifices sleep – food – whatever she can for the sake of time with her girls and for her girls.

As for me, well she’s travelled to Missouri and North Carolina and back to Texas for my career, and she never complains and is always happy with where we are. I mean seriously, she is one of the most content people I’ve ever known. She has stood fast in my bad moods and when I really didn’t think I could make it through my seminary papers.

When you think about romance on Valentine’s day, I hope you have found a friend that amazes you every day. I know I am thankful for her, and I hope I can be as good a friend to her as she is to me.


About Sean Smith

Husband, Father, Pastor, Swimmer, Writer, Reader, and attempted Adventurer!
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2 Responses to Happy St. Valentine’s Day!

  1. What a beautiful couple you are! 🙂

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