What Teachers Do…. From a Toddler


J sat down with a book and ‘read’ it to us. Well, as much as a little girl of almost 3 can read. She definitely told stories about the pictures and the friends on the pages going on adventures. It was adorable, and I got the impression that she likes to imitate what she’s seen.

She told us she was being a teacher!

It made me pretty happy about her day care, and of course we read to her all the time as well. She’s been reading to her dolls and her toys since she was little, and it’s always cute. Over the last few months it’s grown far more articulate – even if it isn’t directly connected to the words on the page.

Then the following conversation ensued:

Me: J, are you the teacher?
J: Yeah!
Me: What do teachers do?
J: Teachers say, “You’re not listening!”

We laughed pretty hard at this. I’m pretty sure this means that my little girl is taking after her dad, either that or her class is particularly rowdy. I just have a hard time picturing J not listening – she loves reading time with us. We’ll have to check in with her teachers.


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