Sprouts on a Snow Day!

15 - 3

This morning I scraped the windows on Courtney’s car and headed out to test the roads after the ice and snow on Sunday. The roads were pretty clear, and so, with a little worry tucked away, I saw the girls off this morning.

Midway through the morning I looked out my office window to falling snow (picture below). The roads had been clear just an hour before when I walked over. Snow accumulated aggressively the rest of the morning. Courtney snapped a picture of the green house in the courtyard of Austin Middle School in Amarillo (the opening picture).

It made me nervous but everyone made it home safe, and I can only pray that everyone else out in this weather gets home safely as well. It’s a little unspoken rule that Amarillo School Districts never shut down for snow or ice.

15 - 4

The highlight of the day was Courtney’s pictures of the first sprouts in the revived green house. The heaters and sprouts battled through the “feels like” temperature of -5 F, and came up today. All the snow and ice is good for the winter wheat from what I hear. Life flourishing in the bitter cold.

All though I do wish it could be 70 F like it was Friday… White snow charms me with little shocks of cold and warm beverages and soups!
15 - 2


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