A Blessing for my First Born on her Third Birthday!


My daughter turns three today. It’s really hard for me to believe that she has survived three years of my parenting. Courtney is truly a saint. Only yesterday, I read Augustine to her late at night to help her sleep and sang Charles Wesley Hymns to her in the hospital. Well, maybe it was longer than that. She’s picked up books and memorized songs all since that day, and I cannot help but think she’s learning and growing faster than I will ever be able to really come to terms with.

But oh can I wonder and oh can I marvel.

So, this blessing is for my daughter Jane.

Holy Father,
bless the child of your making.
Let her know who you are all the days of her life,
In waking let her love you and serve you,
In dreaming let her have your peace to surround her,
Make her paths straight to come to you,
and give her happiness every day of her life.

be her companion,
and her shield,
Be her friend,
and her inspiration,
Comfort her in affliction,
and soften her heart for service.

Teacher, Spirit,
show her the ways of wisdom,
show her the ways of courage,
show her the ways of  justice,
show her the ways of temperance,
ground her in hope,
build her in faith,
and overflow her with love.

Teacher, Spirit,
May she find your horizons ever before her,
May she find curiosity that never ends,
May she have discipline to play and create,
That she might explore her creator,
That she might explore herself as creation,
That she might wander at the works of your hand.

Warm her heart that she might desire you,
and bless her family that they might serve you together
and grow in your grace and love always,
to your glory and honor, now and forever.


About Sean Smith

Husband, Father, Pastor, Swimmer, Writer, Reader, and attempted Adventurer!
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