Getting Used to Winter

15 - 4

A little town near the center of the United States named Rolla and located in Missouri was the coldest and snowiest place I had ever lived. The key work here is ‘was’.

Claude, Tx, passed it sometime this winter, and I’m not really sure when.

That being said, Rolla was colder for longer with fewer nice days in between. It still didn’t have the wind or the snow that has fallen this year in Claude. For someone who grew up in Central Texas, Rolla was a wake up call for what winter can actually be.

I remember the bravado that came upon me in the first month of winter there. My Missouri friends looked braced as the weather started to get cold, and I scoffed and said it wasn’t that bad. As is the ways with fools like me, I kept mocking for nearly a month.

Two month later, I found myself grumbling along with them wondering if I would ever feel warm again.

The third year we were in Missouri, the trees lost their leaves in October and didn’t bud again until May. Courtney was graduating college and the leaves were just coming out.

Claude isn’t that bad. We get temperate days and mild days all the time, and absent is the bleak grey of Missouri winters that looks beautiful at first and wears you down in the 7th month. Instead, we have a nice tan and a blue sky… There have been a few foggy days.

The off an on snow has been really odd. You’ll go from beautiful 70 F days to 4-6 inches of snow in a week.

That sort of thing can really mess with you.

The scary thing is, I think I’m starting to get used to it. This last little 3-4 inches didn’t even phase me.

P.S. It snowed Wednesday and it’s clear and dry today at 55F.


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