Lentil Soup – A non-chicken based tortilla soup…

Unfortunately, I forgot to grab a picture of this soup.

I started out like I do on almost every soup – chopped unions and diced garlic simmering in coconut oil until they are well and thoroughly caramelized. Then I added about 2 liters of water and a pound of dried lentils, some squash, green chili, and kale.

If I’d thought about it I would have added some carrots and celery, but I didn’t have any that day.

My goal was to create a sort of vegan tortilla soup, and I just forgot the tortillas.

I was going to add hominy, but the bag of frozen hominy got crafty and hid in my freezer. So, I used corn and then added some black beans.

I didn’t want it to become chili, so I didn’t add any tomatoes. However, I added chili powder and cumin – not quite as much cumin as I put in my chili. I really wanted some bay leaf, but I didn’t have any. So, I used thyme, celery seed, and oregano which gave it a pretty good flavor.

Once again, the one year old loved it, and the three year old wouldn’t try it. We served it over rice and it lasted for a few days. I’m looking forward to trying again with all the ingredients I had planned on using. That and I want to serve it with fresh avocado slices, diced cilantro, and fresh cut cherry tomatoes.


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