Disappointed in Jeremy Clarkson

I’m a pretty avid fan of Top Gear. The last weeks news that the BBC has found Clarkson “guilty” or at least dismissible is a pretty big blow. It’s hardly important news with everything from a pilot taking down a plane to Iranian peace talks and Israel being pressured to put taxes collected for Palestinians into the hands of Palestinians…

Even this morning, I got to listen to two young people in Glasgow interviewed and conversing intelligently about their domestic politics. Given that they were about to turn 18 and some where in their 16th year, that was impressive. Sure the younger one said “stuff” more than strictly necessary, but the inbetween bits were competent and thoughtful and delivered in a delightful Scottish accent.

But I’m still fixated on Jeremy Clarkson smacking someone over not getting a hot meal on set after an argument.

It was completely inappropriate, and I get why the BBC would do it. Honestly, given his behavior in the past, it really wasn’t only a matter of time. While self reporting it was a good move, it still doesn’t clear him from the unnecessary use of violence.

But I’m still disappointed: disappointed that Clarkson hit someone, disappointed he got fired, disappointed that the BBC couldn’t find another solution. More than anything, I’m disappointed the show is basically over. It may be able to come back with Cougan like people think will work on twitter.

We’ll have to see what Clarkson do.

We’ll have to see what happens to Top Gear.

It might actually get better… Probably not. The 22 seasons was a good run.


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