Bronchitis and Shingles

Earlier this week, I thought I had spider bites, and as the little bumps spread and got more painful, I thought the same spider came back and got me again. Either that or it was a particularly bad spider bite. On top of that, I have been holding back on going to the doctor on an upper respiratory infection.

One or the other, I probably wouldn’t have gone to the doctor.

But with both it was time.

So, I’m an idiot and cannot identify spider bites… They weren’t spider bites. They were shingles.

It wasn’t just a little upper respiratory infection… Nope, it was full on bronchitis.

So, in the midst of everything I’ve been up to, I’m now taken out of the water and getting rest so that I can recover. Shingles – that old lady disease as the doctor told me – and Bronchitis! Why can’t I just get a cold or something… I’m so tired of getting sick.


About Sean Smith

Husband, Father, Pastor, Swimmer, Writer, Reader, and attempted Adventurer!
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4 Responses to Bronchitis and Shingles

  1. kanorp says:

    Shingles is the worst pain every! When you get past the shingles the worst is over,never have that pain again. One Shingle person to another. I thought mine was a rash, Shingles was for any body but me!

    • Sean Smith says:

      It’s definitely painful. My side feels like it’s on fire. How long did it take for you to recover?

      • kanorp says:

        I will not say, that can be in a conversion down the road, the one good thing is your age, I was 60 your 30 so simple math say you will recover in half the time.

  2. Sean Smith says:

    Thank you for your comments and your encouragement!

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