Birthday, Stomach Bugs, and a Shingles Update


I’m taking a small break from Santa Fe posts because yesterday was my birthday, and as is now the tradition on my birthday, I was sick with a stomach bug and the coughing brought back the pain of the shingles.

Caution – I may be venting a little if you keep reading. Tomorrow, I hope to return with gallant tales of gastro tourism to warm your heart and entice your salivary glands… But I couldn’t do it with a stomach bug.

I have been out of the water without doing anything like a work out for over a month.



While they can attack just about any part of your body, they chose my rib. It sort of felt like a broken rib and where the welts were felt like fire ant bites. If you’ve never been bitten by a fire ant, I’m really not sure where you live. It’s like being burned constantly and having constant itching.

At least in bad cases.

With the shingles – if you scratch, it’s like stabbing your “broken rib”.

All of this is actually not the worst part. The worst part is the fatigue. It’s like the flu hit you with out fever. Standing up becomes a chore, laying down becomes a chore, moving becomes a chore.

I struggled to focus for long enough periods of time to read.

That’s a first for me.

I still haven’t completely recovered, I keep taking it too hard – a habitat work day I did after a month – I felt like I had enough energy. I really did. Then a hike in the canyon – it was too beautiful and 4.8 miles isn’t all that far, just a little jaunt. After each attempt to be active I was nocked down for the remainder of the day.

But this week, I got the clear from the doctor – the welts are no longer contagious! I can get back in the water! I can take my girls swimming! I can do laps again!

So, Thursday, in I went.

Friday comes, my birthday, where I’d originally planned months back for a 31000 yard swim to raise some money for a program for kids this summer, my birthday, where I’d scaled back that dream but planned on hitting 3100 yards to stretch out and start my way back to health, my birthday, where I really wanted to work with my oldest daughter on her swimming and just play in the water with her, my birthday where I planned to hike for a while before swimming for myself and for my daughter, my birthday, where I planned to get delirious from eating so much sushi.


I get a stomach bug.

Honestly, I cannot help but laugh. I’m not even in a bad mood about it any more. It just seems funny.

On top of that I had to reschedule an MRI for today. All I’ll say about that is I have claustrophobia way worse than I thought.

But this is what it all comes down to: I did have a Happy Birthday up in my bed (except for the MRI). A ton of friends of Facebook wished me a happy birthday which was very nice, and what really made it wonderful? My wife waking up next to me, and my little girls wishing me a happy birthday – or in the 1 year olds case a “ba, ba, ba, da, da”. I mean even if your sick, that’s what makes the day happy. God’s grace is sufficient doesn’t really cut it, God’s grace is amazing and abundant. Better than I could have asked for – although I’ll still ask for this to pass.


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