Happy Mother’s Day!


My wife amazes me.

Simply put: I married up.

In whatever terms you want to consider: smarts, work ethic, looks, kindness, caring, gentleness, commitment. It’s not that I consider myself horrible, it’s simply how incredible she is.

As I said, she amazes me.

I knew all of this before I married her and long before we ever thought of having children.

With children in our lives, she’s upped her game.

Mom’s in general are amazing people. You can’t help but be blown away at the microscopic scaffolding, the macroscopic machinery, and all the amazing internal bits that build human beings. Nothing can take away from that.

Sometimes the machinery isn’t perfect – some women can’t become mothers biologically or without a little help. But biology isn’t the whole picture – mom’s aren’t the one who just form us in the womb and leaves us. They’re part of the whole community that makes us who we are over the course of our lives.

My wife, she bathes and feeds and clothes our little ones. Listens through temper tantrums with patience and kindness. She’s incredibly even keel, and when the frustration has mounted, she’s stepped back before acting rashly. It takes so much to even phase her that usually it’s my fault for not seeing that she needed help earlier.

She researches what’s best for them with a thoroughness and depth that I couldn’t muster.

She stepped outside her comfort zone and made food for them at home.

She’s learned how to wrap to baby-wear our youngest.

She doesn’t get mad at me when the girls go through daddy’s best phases.

She checks on our girls every night, even though that sometimes wakes one of them up and results in missed sleep.

I feel very blessed by God for my two daughters and even more so for the sleep deprived woman who brought them into this world and walks together with me in fellowship with God as we raise them.

For you my dear today I give you a nap. I know it’s what you want and quite possibly necessary for you to keep going.

P.S. I will also make you your favorite dinner whenever you want! Just let me know when!



About Sean Smith

Husband, Father, Pastor, Swimmer, Writer, Reader, and attempted Adventurer!
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