Bumble Bee’s Burritos


As far as I can tell, Santa Fe loves local food. Chain restaurants are probably there somewhere, but I didn’t look all that hard. We wanted to try a local Burrito place because Courtney is always craving NM food – I do too if I’m honest.

Two blocks down from our hotel, our domicile in exile… or just nice little hotel, we found a vegan friendly burrito place. If this has survived in Santa Fe among the many Mexican Food places and other great restaurants, it has to be good right?

So, we walked on over.

Enter Bumble Bee’s – basically a Moe’s Southwest Grill, Chipotle, or Freebyrds sort of place. It’s most like Moe’s in pretty much every regard except the decor and the name.
You fill out a sheet with what you want on the burrito, and they get to work behind the scenes.

It’s the same price as any chain burrito place, but this is where our story takes a sad turn.

Chipotle and Freebyrds are far better burritos. This is NM food only because it’s in Santa Fe, in New Mexico. It was not what we were craving, although arguably requiring vegan options may make it hard to get what we were looking for.
Bumble Bee’s is sort of like Moe’s in flavor.

The vegan option was bland and from what Courtney said so was her chicken. The guacamole was bland and the salsas were just so-so. It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t great.

The Ambiance was cheerful, and just maybe if we give them the extreme benefit of the doubt we could hope that the beef or pork options may have come out better. I’m just a little disappointed because something with a bumble bee hanging from the ceiling that looks so happy really shouldn’t be this mediocre – it should be awesome.IMG_3803


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