Annapurna’s World Vegetarian Cafe


Vegan baked goods!

Let me say that again: Vegan Baked Goods!

The chocolate chip cookies and the sugar cookies we got here were unbelievable.

I wish the food was that good, but we’ll come to that in a second.

Annapurna comes from the sanskrit that means “full of food”, but that’s not the common translation. More commonly, Annapurna is treated as the name of the goddess of the harvest, a Hindu deity whose names include Lakshmi the goddess of wealth.

I’m not Hindu, but this brought an interesting question for us as we sat there. The new testament is very open with regard to dietary restriction with one exception: eating meat – or any food – sacrificed to idols. We wondered when we saw the image of the deity on the wall what we were getting into.

We decided to go ahead an eat. As far as we could tell nothing was being offered to Lakshmi or Annapurna, a blessing might have been sought but nothing else.

The baked goods were out of this world good. It’s good to be aware that baking with out eggs makes the end product more dense. They had gluten free options which also tend to be more dense than their wheat containing counter parts.

Unfortunately, the meals didn’t stack up. Court had a pretty good sandwich with avocado lettuce, and tomato. My dish was a sampler plater that looked good on the menu but was unappetizing.

Now given that their bake goods and Courtney’s sandwich were pretty good – I would go back. There’s a chance I just got my meal on an off day. The atmosphere was pretty good, and they also had assorted teas and coffees for people to drink.

Annapurna’s seems like a great place for getting a cup of tea and a cookie to sit down and work or have a causal conversation.


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