Jambo Cafe – African and Caribbean Cuisine


In the middle of the week, I was up a few hours before Courtney. Off I went to the nearest swimming pool – a short 10 minute walk from our lodging. While swimming I got to talking to people. I was already reeling from the altitude and about to get sick, so I was taking more breaks than normal.

One particular person recommended a restaurant that was decidedly not on the vegan list despite having a couple of vegan options: Jambo Cafe.

This place is amazing for it’s atmosphere and it’s philanthropy. It feels very caribbean, or at least what I imagine caribbean would feel. They are actively involved in giving back to communities in Africa.

Courtney ordered this pita and jerk pork. Doesn’t it look good? I can’t wait to go back not in lent to give it a try, and honestly everything on the menu looked pretty good.

IMG_3818 (1)

My option was no less tasty –  a coconut lentil soup. It was the perfect thing for my recovering stomach. It was incredibly satisfying and tasted amazing! That’s good because there are not many vegan options on the menu, and when I say not menu – it’s really just this.


Lastly, this is a picture of a ginger lemonade – It was possibly my favorite thing I drank on the whole trip and maybe my favorite thing at this restaurant. I don’t mean to down grade the food, the lentil soup easily was the second best meal I had all week. While not on the same level as Raaga, it still blew me away. So, when I say the ginger lemonade was my favorite, it’s because it was best in a very strong field. IMG_3816

Very much looking forward to going back to Jambo Cafe!


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